Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's Business As Usual!

With so much craziness, foolishness, racism and so much hatred going on in the world, sometimes I have to concentrate extra hard on the goodness of God and upon his awesome promises to us. I have to on purpose "withdraw" from the world, and began each day with the expectation of good news and to see the goodness of God in the land of the living! When I experience great things happening in my life and in the life of a loved one or a friend, I smile and am grateful to God and who He is. He never lies. He doesn't change. He is always faithful, which is why I am never surprised when He continues to manifest Himself unto us. His healing someone, or providing a need when it appeared that it could not be done, is not a surprise to me or a miracle to me, when the answer comes. To our Father, healing manifested is His desire for mankind. Provision is His great pleasure too. This is only His "business". It's what He does, and what He loves to do. It is business as usual to Him. He just wants us to believe Him. To believe that He wants it for us. That He wants it for YOU! He never fails!

As I am sitting and writing this, I have just received word that a friend, a friend who has been battling cancer for some time, who has made many visits to a cancer hospital, who has taken many treatments, who we have all joined together with in faith and prayer for, who we have believed God to bring that manifestation of healing, just heard the words...Cancer Free!

I am not surprised! I did not expect anything different! When I received the word today, all that I could do was smile big, thank God again, and just continue to be grateful. I expect God to do this every time. I expect every outcome to be just like this one. I believe what God says in His Word. I believe that when He says to anoint with oil and pray the prayer of faith, and I will heal, I believe Him. I believe that when He says that nothing is impossible if we believe, then I believe that nothing is impossible! I believe that when He says that according to my faith be it so, then I believe that it is so! I just believe God! I know that you are saying then why do people die? I don't know why a particular person died, but I do know that God cannot lie! I know that He does what He says!

I know that many times things, circumstances and situations don't look favorable. They just do not seem to agree with The Word of God, but if we refuse to believe the circumstances, and instead believe God, we will experience what He says.

I am writing and sharing this today because I know family and friends who are currently in a faith fight. I know that sometimes things may get a little scary, and your faith may get a  little shaky, but God is not dependent on your faith, He is looking at Jesus' faith, that ours. If you are in Christ, then God is looking at Jesus and at Him. We simply reap all of Jesus' obedience and the rewards of His finished work..that's Grace! It is not our performance. We cannot pray the perfect prayer. We cannot give the right amount. We cannot serve enough. We cannot get it together on our is an absolute gift. We cannot deserve it is a gift! We don't work for a gift. We don't earn a gift. Sometimes we don't even deserve it! I think about our sons, growing up. Sometimes we just gave them things, just because we love them, and we just wanted to see them smile and enjoy it. No reason for it. We just wanted to bless them. Sometimes we were disappointed in our youngest son, not turning in homework, even after doing it! His teacher would find it in his desk. We could not understand why he would not turn it in. We did not stop loving him. We did not stop wanting good for him. We sometimes gave things to him, even though we should not have. It was a gift. He certainly did not perform for it.

All I am saying is, don't stop trusting God. Don't stop believing to see what you are praying for. Stop believing that you have to "perform" in order to please God and get things from God. God wants us to have. It is His pleasure to bless. It is His nature to bless! It is who He is. Simply receive and enjoy His great gifts!

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