Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's Business As Usual!

With so much craziness, foolishness, racism and so much hatred going on in the world, sometimes I have to concentrate extra hard on the goodness of God and upon his awesome promises to us. I have to on purpose "withdraw" from the world, and began each day with the expectation of good news and to see the goodness of God in the land of the living! When I experience great things happening in my life and in the life of a loved one or a friend, I smile and am grateful to God and who He is. He never lies. He doesn't change. He is always faithful, which is why I am never surprised when He continues to manifest Himself unto us. His healing someone, or providing a need when it appeared that it could not be done, is not a surprise to me or a miracle to me, when the answer comes. To our Father, healing manifested is His desire for mankind. Provision is His great pleasure too. This is only His "business". It's what He does, and what He loves to do. It is business as usual to Him. He just wants us to believe Him. To believe that He wants it for us. That He wants it for YOU! He never fails!

As I am sitting and writing this, I have just received word that a friend, a friend who has been battling cancer for some time, who has made many visits to a cancer hospital, who has taken many treatments, who we have all joined together with in faith and prayer for, who we have believed God to bring that manifestation of healing, just heard the words...Cancer Free!

I am not surprised! I did not expect anything different! When I received the word today, all that I could do was smile big, thank God again, and just continue to be grateful. I expect God to do this every time. I expect every outcome to be just like this one. I believe what God says in His Word. I believe that when He says to anoint with oil and pray the prayer of faith, and I will heal, I believe Him. I believe that when He says that nothing is impossible if we believe, then I believe that nothing is impossible! I believe that when He says that according to my faith be it so, then I believe that it is so! I just believe God! I know that you are saying then why do people die? I don't know why a particular person died, but I do know that God cannot lie! I know that He does what He says!

I know that many times things, circumstances and situations don't look favorable. They just do not seem to agree with The Word of God, but if we refuse to believe the circumstances, and instead believe God, we will experience what He says.

I am writing and sharing this today because I know family and friends who are currently in a faith fight. I know that sometimes things may get a little scary, and your faith may get a  little shaky, but God is not dependent on your faith, He is looking at Jesus' faith, that ours. If you are in Christ, then God is looking at Jesus and at Him. We simply reap all of Jesus' obedience and the rewards of His finished work..that's Grace! It is not our performance. We cannot pray the perfect prayer. We cannot give the right amount. We cannot serve enough. We cannot get it together on our is an absolute gift. We cannot deserve it is a gift! We don't work for a gift. We don't earn a gift. Sometimes we don't even deserve it! I think about our sons, growing up. Sometimes we just gave them things, just because we love them, and we just wanted to see them smile and enjoy it. No reason for it. We just wanted to bless them. Sometimes we were disappointed in our youngest son, not turning in homework, even after doing it! His teacher would find it in his desk. We could not understand why he would not turn it in. We did not stop loving him. We did not stop wanting good for him. We sometimes gave things to him, even though we should not have. It was a gift. He certainly did not perform for it.

All I am saying is, don't stop trusting God. Don't stop believing to see what you are praying for. Stop believing that you have to "perform" in order to please God and get things from God. God wants us to have. It is His pleasure to bless. It is His nature to bless! It is who He is. Simply receive and enjoy His great gifts!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

No More Violence...Walls of Salvation!

Good morning. It is 1:28 in the morning and here I sit blogging. This is my time. I love studying, reading or just sitting and visiting with my Father at these very early morning times. Usually my family is snoring, and I don't have phones ringing or the television on. Just sweet, quiet, peaceful time.

I have tried on several occasions to write my feelings following the many tragedies that have occurred recently in this country. I have struggled to find the right words, every time that I have sat to blog. A minister always believes that he or she has to have something to say to encourage or to uplift, or to try to help to make sense of it. I had no words!

Several days have passed since the violence that has taken place in various locations in America. Not only have I been silent on my Blog, but I have been silent on Facebook as well. I simply did not know what to say. I promised that I would always and only say what God leads me to say.

About 30 minutes ago, I finally heard God's voice, and of course He led me to His Word. God's Word is the only source of comfort, healing, peace, joy or encouragement and empowerment. After all that is all that we need for any and for every situation. Only the Word of God suits our case.

For years, I have always loved Isaiah 60, and that is exactly where He led me. Verse 1 says: Arise! Shine! This chapter has always been one of my favorite chapters. Tonight, God led me to read it again...all of it. I sat to read it, but tonight it took on a whole new meaning, especially in light of the recent events around me. I must say first, that I believe The Word of God. It is my life. It is truth. It is all that I can rely on for daily living and for daily victory. I can trust it. I can depend on it. It is real, and it is life giving! I can go to The Word, and it talks to me. I find strength in it. I have good days because of The Word. There are so many precious promises in it, and I can enjoy them now. Tonight I sat and read Isaiah 60. In it God tells me to get up, and to shine. He tells me that He has given me light (knowledge), and that others will see it and hear that knowledge when I get up and when I speak! He tells me that I am surrounded by darkness (ignorance, which is simply a lack of knowledge). He says that gross darkness covers the people, but when I arise, I will have the knowledge to dispel the darkness. He goes on to say that even though darkness is here now, it won't always be present. He tells how people will come to me for light or knowledge. I said me because I take the Word personally, but this is for every student and believer of God's Word. As they come from near and from far, darkness will start to disappear, and He will turn things around in the land. I continued reading, then I arrived at verse 17, and it spoke loudly unto me! God tells of the riches that will come to a people who have come out of darkness. He then goes on in the same verse, and says that He will make our officers PEACE! Peace Officers, and our Leaders Righteousness! Wow, Peace Officers and righteous leaders! How awesome is that! Hold on, it gets better. He then says that VIOLENCE SHALL NO LONGER BE HEARD IN THE LAND, NEITHER DESTRUCTION IN OUR BORDERS!!! What? No more violence! He then says that our walls SHALL BE CALLED SALVATION AND OUR GATES PRAISE!!! As I read further, He said that all the people shall be RIGHTEOUS! How absolutely awesome is this? It is right from The Word of God! I know that some will say, that was not written to me, but I disagree. I take the Word personally, and I put myself in it. Yes, it was written long ago, but I believe that it is for right here, and for right now.
Officers that will bring peace! Leaders who will be righteous! People who will live with knowledge! Salvation in the land! Everyone will be righteous! No more violence and destruction! Praise will be a daily reality!

Some may ignore this and call me crazy, but I absolutely believe that this is for today! I am standing on this promise! I do know that ALL things are possible! This is not for when we get to heaven, because there will be no violence there. There will be no destruction there. There is no darkness there! This is for us today, and I expect it!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Happy Saturday Everyone

I am up early this morning, and that is quite unusual for me, on a Saturday morning. I am a late sleeper, especially on the weekend. This morning though, I find myself up, and up with lots of things on my mind.

The last few days have been quite eventful in my world. I have witnessed things happen that I never thought that I would see in my lifetime. I have seen violence happen before my eyes, real stuff that was not on a theater's big screen. Real violence in real neighborhoods, on real streets! I have seen hatred played out in the streets, too. I read posts depicting hate on social media, and so many unkind words being spoken. I have seen people almost look like animals.

I have sat down on four separate occasions to blog in the last 24 hours, and each time I have gotten up from my computer with nothing written. It seems like for the first time, I could not find words to say! This is so unusual for me.

So much has occurred in the last 24 hours, and I wanted to say something, but words escaped me. I have always had a scripture to share, a quote or a chuckle to bring a smile or a laugh, but today, I don't know what to say. I feel empty.

I know that people around me are hurting. Some are confused. Many are angry. Some are questioning. Many are being unkind. Many are even hating too. So many are in fear, and others feel that they are without a voice and are not being heard. Many feel that they just don't matter.

It's a whirlwind of emotions controlling our world today.

I want to hug everyone, and tell them that things will get better. I want to hug everyone and tell them to not be afraid. I want to hug everyone and tell them that they are loved, and that they do matter, and that they are great and that they are somebody. I want to hug everyone and tell them that it is not their fault. I want to tell everyone that we can have a better world, right here and right now. It can happen.

I am a believer. I do believe that good triumphs over evil. I do believe that love conquers hate. I do believe that people can love each other. I do believe that everyone has some good in them. I do believe that we were all created with greatness on the inside of us, and I do believe that each of us was fearfully and wonderfully made, and this is not just a cute saying, but absolute truth! I do believe that we were all created with the capacity to love. I do believe that we can live together in peace. Maybe I am being deceived. Maybe I am fooling myself. Many will probably say that I am crazy. I am not crazy, and I am not deceived. I just believe!

I do believe God. I do believe that I know Him and that I live daily with Him, and I know that we have a relationship with each other. I know that I know and hear His voice talking to me. I know what He tells me in His Word. I know what He tells me when I am communing and in fellowship with Him, and trust and believe Him. I know that He says and I say that ALL things are possible. All simply means ALL! Nothing left out. It is possible to live in a world where there is peace. It is possible to love one another. It is possible to see the best in one another. I do believe that it is possible to overcome hate and evil, with LOVE, not the world's kind of love, but real AGAPE LOVE. I even believe that it is possible on this earth. I do believe that it is possible for us to laugh again!

I know what I believe. I know in Whom I believe. I know that He will not ever forsake me. I know that He is true to His Word. I know that if He said that something can be done, it can!

I know that things are not looking very good right now, but I have hope, and I have faith. I know that what I believe is real. I know that The Word of God is true. I know Who God is, and I know that a great life for everyone has been planned for us now. I know that many say that that good life is for when we get to heaven, but I believe that we can have a good life until we get to heaven, then it will be a great life!

I believe that no matter what, we win! Evil and hate loses.

This may just sound like rambling, or it may just sound like dreaming. I know what I believe.

Have a good weekend.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hello Beautiful People...I'm Back!

Wow, it has been a while since I have posted anything. Life has still gone on, and I am still alive and I am still abundantly blessed! Just finished celebrating the 4th of July, a few days ago, and I am now just loving these great and beautiful days, that God has blessed us with.

I admit, that it is very hot here in Texas, but the days are amazing, nevertheless. I hope that all of you are having great days too, and enjoying this life that God has blessed us with.

So many things are happening in our world today, some good and some that are not so good. No matter what, I am still happy and I know that things will work out for our good. As a Believer, I have learned to have good days, every day! God promised us that all things will work together for our good. I expect that promise to happen in my, every day!

Well, I just wanted to check in and update my blog. I promise that I will post every day. I hope that this will be a place where you can find hope, and daily uplifting and encouragement.

Have a great evening!


(P.S....Please feel free to check out my Archives).

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Just Venting!

Good morning. I have not posted here, for a long time. I hope that everyone who is up and preparing for your day, has already decided to live this day in joy and in peace, in victory and in power, and in the complete knowledge of who we are in Christ Jesus. Jesus has already told us that we shall KNOW the truth, and that truth that we know, shall make us free! I am sitting and sharing what has been on my heart for the last several months. So many crazy things are happening all around us, and everywhere. I am not at all surprised by any of it, because God took the time to tell us, thousands of years ago, that it would happen, and how we as believers must handle it. We should not be surprised at all, by the senseless killings that have taken place, and are taking places around us. We should not be surprised by the laws that are being enacted in our country today...laws that go against God's laws. The racism and the division that exist, should not come as a surprise to us, not if we read and study The Word of God. God told us that there would be wars and rumors of wars, unrest, earthquakes in various places, people who would only love self, and would not even respect each other or respect life. I read comments on Facebook daily, and I listen to people who are angry about all of the killings that are taking place, and I see all of the division that it is causing. People are angry, fearful, and fed up with all that is taking place. Many are continuing to cry out to God, only to witness that things seem to get worse, instead of get better. We are asking God to fix this or stop that, and it seems to be an increase in the violence and the hatred that exists in this country. Prayer can and will always be the best thing that we can do, but I wonder if our begging God to do something, is really what we are supposed to do?
In Genesis 1:26, did not God put mankind in charge of the earth? Did He not tell us to rule, to dominate, and to "keep" the planet? Did He not tell us in Psalm 115:16, that He is taking care and ruling Heaven, but He put us in charge of ruling earth? Did He not tell us in Matthew 18:18, that since we were put in charge, then whatever we allow to happen on earth, then He will allow to happen, and whatever we stop and not allow to happen, He won't allow? Did I misunderstand what He is saying? Isn't it our fault for what is happening here? Don't things happen because we sit back and allow it to happen? We have been given dominion over the spirit that is behind murders and death. We have dominion over the spirit of infirmity that is causing all of the sickness and the disease that is plaguing the world today. Yes, I know that it is so much easier to blame and fight with people,but people are really not the problem! Yes I said it, people really are not the problem. We keep pointing fingers at people. Jesus told us who our enemy really is, and it is not your spouse, or your coworker, or your boss, or the President. The enemy is demonic spirits, that use people, you know how that demonic spirit used that serpent to deceive Adam and Eve! They are still doing the same thing. If we are going to see change, then we have to get real about the situation, and quit playing! We have dominion over the spirit of racism and hatred and murder that is so evident in this country. Is God going to do, what He has given us charge to do? Romans 8:19 says that all creation is groaning, and is waiting for the sons of God to manifest, and to be and to do what we have been empowered to do! The trouble is that too many sons of God, don't know who they are, don't know their true identity and what they can do, and many are as fearful, as ignorant (without knowledge), as defeated and look so much like the world! satan has deceived too many into believing that we can't do anything. We can! We as sons (offspring) of God, have the very same Spirit in us that Jesus had in Him, when He walked the earth, and healed the sick, opened blinded eyes, cast out demons, raised the dead, walked on water, fed 5000, stopped storms! We have that very same power in us, but we have to believe that. It is not just automatic, we must believe! We must know that we are not beggars, we are sons...we are saints...we are priests and kings, we are citizens of the most powerful Kingdom that exists, but we are acting like the defeated. God said to come boldly to the throne! We can do that because we are citizens, because we have been chosen, because we have been given rights! We are the Church. We are the called out. We are empowered to rule, to reign in life, to conquer, to govern and to dominate! Circumstances should not dominate us. We should not be under the circumstances, we should be on top and controlling them. It is time out for just getting mad and begging, and sitting back and just watch things happen. The Bible says that sin shall not have dominion over us! Sin is running rampant in this country. Sinners are doing what they are supposed to do, and they are doing it well...but what about the Church? Are we doing what we have been commissioned to do? Are we as good at our job, as the sinners are at theirs? This is just me...venting a little. Have a wonderful day.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday the day that changed mankind

Wow, Good Friday, really is Good Friday! Ever since I got up this morning, I have been reading scriptures and meditating on what Good Friday is all about, and what it means to mankind. Good Friday, was so necessary, and it changed everything for mankind. Because of Adam, way back in the garden, because of his rebellion and missing the mark, he plunged us all into sin. Adam because of his rebellion, he activated death, which was present in the garden, but powerless. As a result, death exercised its power over mankind. Because God said that Adam would die if he ate of the forbidden tree, God because He is Holy...had to keep His Word...someone had to die! Good Friday is someone dying in our place! Good Friday is God killing Himself, for us! Good Friday is God paying the debt of sin that we owed, but could not pay. Good Friday is God destroying the power of death over us. Good Friday is God justifying us. Good Friday is Jesus tasting (experiencing) death is all of its forms, with all of its agony and pain, for us. He did not take painkillers in order to ease the pain. he took it for us, in all of its fullness! So when pain tries to come upon us, we can boldly look it in the face, and tell it to leave our bodies, because Jesus took it fully for us, and it is illegal in our bodies, and it has no right to be there! Good Friday was Jesus totally taking the power from death. Sin bought death. Since Good Friday defeated sin, and since Jesus took away the sin of the world, then no more sin, no ,more power in death! We can look death in the eye, and say, "where is your sting?". Good Friday changed everything! I pray that everyone will get a revelation of what this day is all about. It is not about being off from work. It is so much more! It is about SUBSTITUTION!!! Jesus dying in my place, and yours! Thank You Lord.
Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him;
He has put Him to grief.
When You make His soul an offering for sin,
He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days,
And the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in His hand.
11 He shall see the labor of His soul,[b] and be satisfied.
By His knowledge My righteous Servant shall justify many,
For He shall bear their iniquities.
12 Therefore I will divide Him a portion with the great,
And He shall divide the spoil with the strong,
Because He poured out His soul unto death,
And He was numbered with the transgressors,
And He bore the sin of many,
And made intercession for the transgressors (Isaiah 53:10-12) This is Good Friday! ‪#‎GoodFriday‬