Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hello everyone.

Wow. It is August already! Time is passing so fast. A new month and new victories on the horizon. I hope that all of you are having a great day. I hope that you have overcome every challenge, slayed every giant and that Jesus is Lord of your life! I hope that you are winning in life. I sure am!

Be encouraged today. God loves you. He cares for you. He sees you and what you are experiencing right now, and He will bring you through. In total victory!
Enjoy your day!

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Blessed. So tremendously blessed! The only way that I can describe my life right now. It is Saturday night, and it is a little rainy outside, and it has been like this off and on today. I have enjoyed this day, doing what I like. Had a great outing with one of our sons, at one of my favorite restaurants. I enjoyed opening another of my two Young Living Essential Oils orders that came in today. Opening an oil order is always a big deal at my house. These oils are such wonderful treasure. No matter what day that box arrives, it's Christmas!, and I love Christmas! I have safely put away today's treasures and am now just sitting and smiling, and fighting back tears, and fighting back tears and smiling. Sounds crazy, doesn't it.

As I said earlier, it is raining off and on. I have the air conditioner set on 66 degrees and I have been in bed, under my comfy and fluffy comforter, watching Hallmark Christmas movies. As I said, I love Christmas. Christmas through the years, even from my childhood, has always been major in our family. These movies are reminding me of childhood Christmases. The German Apple Cake and the Sand Tarts cookies that my grandmother always had. The eggnog that my mother always made. The almond cookies and the ribbon candy that my aunt and uncle always had at their house, scents of nutmeg and cinnamon, filled the house. The larger than life Christmas tree that graced my grandparents home. The silver aluminum tree, with the color wheel, in my mom's home, the big tree with the big shiny, red balls on my aunt and uncle's tree, hold special places in my heart. These are memories that never go away, and I hope that they never will. When my husband and I married, which was two days before Christmas, Christmas became even more special for me. And then, when we had our sons, then it became so special, because were going to make new Christmas memories, which we did. Through the years to follow, Christmas was a time of great celebration. I loved to decorate. For many years, I decorated at least 15 trees in our home, not little trees, trees that were 6 and a half feet and seven feet and my favorite nine foot tree. Everything was so festive! My husband and our sons absolutely loved it. I loved it, and I loved decorating each one and perfectly placing each and every ornament.

I am smiling because, I am enjoying all of these sweet memories, I am fighting back the tears, because my husband is not here to enjoy the movies, the movies that we waited excitedly to see, in July! It is actually bittersweet. This man of mine, played Christmas music all year round. Not only at our home, but his coworkers heard it year around too, at his workplace! I can imagine that we would be snuggled up right this minute, watching movies, diffusing Christmas Spirit and he would be so happy, I would be too, because I would be snuggled up besides him. I miss him. I miss him so much. I am watching movies. I have it chilled in here. I was under the covers and in my warm bed, until I got out to come to my computer to blog. I can diffuse Christmas Spirit Essential Oil, anytime that I want to, and I am thinking about him so much. I am smiling, I have our two wonderful sons, and I am happy. I am blessed. So blessed!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Hello everyone. I hope that you are well, happy and enjoying life! It has been a while, quite a while since I have last written a post. Many things have happened since I last posted. In January, on the 5th, my sweet husband of 38 years, suddenly and completely without warning, passed away! I was totally shocked. He had just retired a few months before, and we had plans to travel and to really enjoy our life. He has worked hard, all of his life, and retirement was going to be a catching up on years of lost rest. We were so looking forward to many great years of just doing nothing, but relaxing and not having a schedule, and not having to hear an alarm clock, except for church on Sundays. You can imagine how utterly shocked that this caused me to be. I am finally getting things back on track, after about 7 months. I miss him so much. We had a great marriage. He was the one and the only boyfriend that I have ever had. Life will never be the same without him. I miss him, but I am good. It is because of my great relationship with God, that has sustained me. He is my Father and He is my strength, and my solid foundation. He holds me and He carries me daily! It is because of Him that I am standing. I owe Him everything.

I am so thankful that we have two grown sons who are here with me. We miss him so much, but God is sustaining us.

I have thrown myself into my Photography, teaching my Bible Classes, and now into my Young Living Essential Oils business. I still love people and will always, first and foremost minister to them. My passion will always be to encourage and to inspire and to edify all who come to me. I will blog now more than ever. I have so much to be grateful for, and I will always tell about it.

I have recently discovered the wonderful world of Essential Oils. I absolutely love them. I get to share my love of them with hundreds of people. I want to be a blessing to as many people each day, as I can. I am spending my days sharing about how essential oils have changed my life. I spend my time helping to educate people about how these amazing oils, which I call gifts from God, has helped me. I have educated myself and now I am educating others about all of the many harmful chemicals that I have been putting into my and my family's body all of these years, and not even knowing it! I have discovered that the average person uses 80 harmful chemicals on their body, before leaving home every morning. Shampoos, soap, makeup, shower gel, toothpaste and hair care products applied daily, in addition to dryer sheets, fabric softener, plug ins or fragrances and candles, all containing harmful chemicals that we cannot even pronounce! I am sharing about how to change chemical ridden homes to chemical free homes, one product at a time. I am so grateful that I found all of this information. I prided myself on providing a clean home, clean clothing for my family, and always a great smelling home. I had a wonderful candle collection. Through research I found out that instead of doing good for my family, I was poisoning them! So now, I am making big changes around our home, and I am educating others as well. I always want to be a blessing. The Bible says that people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. I really lacked knowledge about all of the harmful chemicals that my home was full of...but not anymore! I now know, and I am armed with information, and I have made big changes to our home. I am using natural, pure and chemical free products, made with essential oils. Plant based oils. No harmful toxins or additives or anything that is harmful to my family. I get great joy out of sharing this information. There is nothing like seeing lives changed, changed for the better! If you are interested in Essential Oils, what they are and how they are produced, then please visit my website. On it is valuable information. If you have any questions, you can leave me a message and I promise that I will respond promptly. My website is  yldist.com/gaylewhite I would love to hear from you! So glad to be back. Have a great night.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's Business As Usual!

With so much craziness, foolishness, racism and so much hatred going on in the world, sometimes I have to concentrate extra hard on the goodness of God and upon his awesome promises to us. I have to on purpose "withdraw" from the world, and began each day with the expectation of good news and to see the goodness of God in the land of the living! When I experience great things happening in my life and in the life of a loved one or a friend, I smile and am grateful to God and who He is. He never lies. He doesn't change. He is always faithful, which is why I am never surprised when He continues to manifest Himself unto us. His healing someone, or providing a need when it appeared that it could not be done, is not a surprise to me or a miracle to me, when the answer comes. To our Father, healing manifested is His desire for mankind. Provision is His great pleasure too. This is only His "business". It's what He does, and what He loves to do. It is business as usual to Him. He just wants us to believe Him. To believe that He wants it for us. That He wants it for YOU! He never fails!

As I am sitting and writing this, I have just received word that a friend, a friend who has been battling cancer for some time, who has made many visits to a cancer hospital, who has taken many treatments, who we have all joined together with in faith and prayer for, who we have believed God to bring that manifestation of healing for...today, just heard the words...Cancer Free!

I am not surprised! I did not expect anything different! When I received the word today, all that I could do was smile big, thank God again, and just continue to be grateful. I expect God to do this every time. I expect every outcome to be just like this one. I believe what God says in His Word. I believe that when He says to anoint with oil and pray the prayer of faith, and I will heal, I believe Him. I believe that when He says that nothing is impossible if we believe, then I believe that nothing is impossible! I believe that when He says that according to my faith be it so, then I believe that it is so! I just believe God! I know that you are saying then why do people die? I don't know why a particular person died, but I do know that God cannot lie! I know that He does what He says!

I know that many times things, circumstances and situations don't look favorable. They just do not seem to agree with The Word of God, but if we refuse to believe the circumstances, and instead believe God, we will experience what He says.

I am writing and sharing this today because I know family and friends who are currently in a faith fight. I know that sometimes things may get a little scary, and your faith may get a  little shaky, but God is not dependent on your faith, He is looking at Jesus' faith, that ours. If you are in Christ, then God is looking at Jesus and at Him. We simply reap all of Jesus' obedience and the rewards of His finished work..that's Grace! It is not our performance. We cannot pray the perfect prayer. We cannot give the right amount. We cannot serve enough. We cannot get it together on our own...it is an absolute gift. We cannot deserve it enough...it is a gift! We don't work for a gift. We don't earn a gift. Sometimes we don't even deserve it! I think about our sons, growing up. Sometimes we just gave them things, just because we love them, and we just wanted to see them smile and enjoy it. No reason for it. We just wanted to bless them. Sometimes we were disappointed in our youngest son, not turning in homework, even after doing it! His teacher would find it in his desk. We could not understand why he would not turn it in. We did not stop loving him. We did not stop wanting good for him. We sometimes gave things to him, even though we should not have. It was a gift. He certainly did not perform for it.

All I am saying is, don't stop trusting God. Don't stop believing to see what you are praying for. Stop believing that you have to "perform" in order to please God and get things from God. God wants us to have. It is His pleasure to bless. It is His nature to bless! It is who He is. Simply receive and enjoy His great gifts!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

No More Violence...Walls of Salvation!

Good morning. It is 1:28 in the morning and here I sit blogging. This is my time. I love studying, reading or just sitting and visiting with my Father at these very early morning times. Usually my family is snoring, and I don't have phones ringing or the television on. Just sweet, quiet, peaceful time.

I have tried on several occasions to write my feelings following the many tragedies that have occurred recently in this country. I have struggled to find the right words, every time that I have sat to blog. A minister always believes that he or she has to have something to say to encourage or to uplift, or to try to help to make sense of it. I had no words!

Several days have passed since the violence that has taken place in various locations in America. Not only have I been silent on my Blog, but I have been silent on Facebook as well. I simply did not know what to say. I promised that I would always and only say what God leads me to say.

About 30 minutes ago, I finally heard God's voice, and of course He led me to His Word. God's Word is the only source of comfort, healing, peace, joy or encouragement and empowerment. After all that is all that we need for any and for every situation. Only the Word of God suits our case.

For years, I have always loved Isaiah 60, and that is exactly where He led me. Verse 1 says: Arise! Shine! This chapter has always been one of my favorite chapters. Tonight, God led me to read it again...all of it. I sat to read it, but tonight it took on a whole new meaning, especially in light of the recent events around me. I must say first, that I believe The Word of God. It is my life. It is truth. It is all that I can rely on for daily living and for daily victory. I can trust it. I can depend on it. It is real, and it is life giving! I can go to The Word, and it talks to me. I find strength in it. I have good days because of The Word. There are so many precious promises in it, and I can enjoy them now. Tonight I sat and read Isaiah 60. In it God tells me to get up, and to shine. He tells me that He has given me light (knowledge), and that others will see it and hear that knowledge when I get up and when I speak! He tells me that I am surrounded by darkness (ignorance, which is simply a lack of knowledge). He says that gross darkness covers the people, but when I arise, I will have the knowledge to dispel the darkness. He goes on to say that even though darkness is here now, it won't always be present. He tells how people will come to me for light or knowledge. I said me because I take the Word personally, but this is for every student and believer of God's Word. As they come from near and from far, darkness will start to disappear, and He will turn things around in the land. I continued reading, then I arrived at verse 17, and it spoke loudly unto me! God tells of the riches that will come to a people who have come out of darkness. He then goes on in the same verse, and says that He will make our officers PEACE! Peace Officers, and our Leaders Righteousness! Wow, Peace Officers and righteous leaders! How awesome is that! Hold on, it gets better. He then says that VIOLENCE SHALL NO LONGER BE HEARD IN THE LAND, NEITHER DESTRUCTION IN OUR BORDERS!!! What? No more violence! He then says that our walls SHALL BE CALLED SALVATION AND OUR GATES PRAISE!!! As I read further, He said that all the people shall be RIGHTEOUS! How absolutely awesome is this? It is right from The Word of God! I know that some will say, that was not written to me, but I disagree. I take the Word personally, and I put myself in it. Yes, it was written long ago, but I believe that it is for right here, and for right now.
Officers that will bring peace! Leaders who will be righteous! People who will live with knowledge! Salvation in the land! Everyone will be righteous! No more violence and destruction! Praise will be a daily reality!

Some may ignore this and call me crazy, but I absolutely believe that this is for today! I am standing on this promise! I do know that ALL things are possible! This is not for when we get to heaven, because there will be no violence there. There will be no destruction there. There is no darkness there! This is for us today, and I expect it!